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16th-Jul-2006 06:56 pm(no subject)
kuromi is cranky
So I just started the culinary arts program here in Portland (hi people!) and I was wondering how the financial aid thing works. I understand how the school gets it's money and all that but I did the paperwork for living expences help and I'm supposed to get $500 a month. How does that work? Am I going to get an email through the student portal telling me I have a check at the office?
16th-Jul-2006 03:25 am(no subject)
tea time
hello everyone, i am about to graduate high school and have been looking at culinary schools for a while now, i was just wondering, are the programs in the states the same as the international programs or different? does anyone know? when i talked to an advisor on the phone, she sort of danced around the subject, and while staying in the states would be cheaper, i'd love to go to london. i'm sorry in advance if this is already something that is known or if it's a silly question.
if there are any of you that attend either the school in london or western culinary institute in portland could you tell me a little more about the schools from a student's point of view? i'd love to know. also it doesn't just have to be about which is better, i'd like anything you could tell me about the school as well as the areas.
thank you very much :)
11th-Jul-2006 07:36 pm - Orientation question
I want sprinkles
I'm new here, and I have a question.

I finally decided to follow my dream and I enrolled in the Le Cordon Bleu's Western Culinary Institute's Baking and Patisserie program. My start date is August 21st. I am jumping career paths after being in office middle-management for more than 15 years. No, no stress there.

I have just learned that I will be unable to attend my orientation due to a prior work obligation in my soon-to-be-defunct career. I'm going to be at a conference over 2000 miles away and as plane tickets/hotel reservations are involved, there is no way out of this without costing my current employer a fair chunk of change and a great deal of aggravation (I've pretty much been told I MUST attend.). I am completely heartsick over this and more than a little anxious. My counselor is assuring me that he'll find a way to get my orientation materials, uniform, and other items to me prior to my start date... but I can't help but think that I'm going to be missing vital information by not going to the actual orientation.

I know orientation involves receiving uniforms, accessories, student badge, and student portal information... but is there anything else I might miss out on or might need to talk to my counselor about? I have a meeting with him on July 28th.

Until then, my game plan is to throw myself into all pre-student activities that I can to let them faculty know that I'm definitely excited and interested to be enrolled and meet with my future classmates... I'm just boxed into a corner by my current job until August 15th.

Drat. Any tips or suggestions gladly accepted. :) Pleeeeeease.
19th-Jun-2006 01:17 pm - Questions!
Hi everyone! This post is really similar to the post below, but I have a quick question about the patesserie program at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Exactly how much prior experience in baking/the like do we need? I consider myself a fairly proficient baker, though I've never had any formal training...

Just wondering. Thanks in advance!
3rd-Apr-2006 04:24 pm - Whoa Spring Break!
Thank the gods for spring break!

I don't know about anybody else but these past 5 weeks (for me, 6 for everyone else) have just been totally and completely exahusting. Getting back into a routine of classes after, oh i don't know, 20 years is rough :P But it's been fun. So far it's been everything I expected and more. And Portland's great! I've missed the west coast so much. I'm so happy to be back here. Now if I could just find some time and money to go out and do sommat ;) For now tho I plan on just kickin back and relaxin, when I'm not lookin for a job that is ;P

See ya'll back in class in a week!

5th-Feb-2006 11:23 pm - Baking Program
The Notebook, made by lindaygurl02
Hi there! I am a new member. I do not attend this school...but I could! I plan on pursuing a career in cake decorating, so I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on their baking program. Do you think this is a good school from one hoping to pursue a career in this area? Any honest help is greatly appreciated!
8th-Nov-2005 01:47 am - Lame Introduction
kuromi is cranky
Hi, my name is Stormi, I'm 22 and today is my first day at Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, Oregon.
I'm enroled in the Culinary Arts program and wow, I'm pretty nervous. I feel like I'm five years old again, :) starting kindergarten. Were any of you nervous on your first day? I keep imagining everyone else being able to whip out some
amazing foods while I'm there trying not burn pancakes. I'm at the stage of "If I can make it through the first day alive, it will all work itself out"
2nd-Nov-2005 11:34 pm - Finished paper
Curly fry art
Finally finished with my term paper. Anyone interested can see the finished paper at the link below. It hasn't been proofread yet (my proofer is in the shower at the moment), so ignore the errors. I typed it out without careing about those until I turn the actual final piece in.
Comments and critiques are welcome :)
19th-Oct-2005 09:46 pm(no subject)
Sorry to bother again, but the due date for my research paper is coming in the way too soon future, and I was stupid and never posted these survey's I wanted to do. So now I'm doing it before it gets way too late. This isn't the only one, but I don't want to clutter up the community with this, so if anyone could/wants to help me with them, I can e-mail you instead if you'd like.
Anyway, if anyone can help and do these, that'd be great, and it'd really help out more for my paper.

Poll #594348 Mac 'n cheese survey #1

Do you like macaroni and cheese?

I'll take it or leave it

Thanks in advance!
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