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7th-Jan-2008 05:54 am - Rumors

There's a buzz in the air about some U.S. Cordon Bleu schools having legal problems. According to various web pages, U.S. LCB schools are owned by a company called Career Education Corporation that also owns a bunch of other schools - four of which are now officially closing. Any word on the street that any of the LCB schools are going to close soon? Especially, the WCI in Portland? As much as I really really want to go there, I can't chance spending a ton on an education where they close the school partway through the program.
5th-Jan-2008 10:34 pm - Pastry Dreamer?
hammer time
My story is a little weird...

While working a part-time job to help pay my way through college, I developed a HUGE crush on one of the bakers at the bakery across the street from my workplace - in typical lovestruck-girl fashion, I applied for a job. Oddly enough, they hired me without any previous baking experience, and I began to split my time between the bakery and my other job. Though I was only mildly interested in baking when I started, I absolutely loved it. I loved the calm of the mornings (well, in that there weren't people all over the place, just us bakers), the fast pace, and the challenge of producing the perfect product (in taste, texture, and aesthetics) on a deadline. Unfortunately, the bakery was undergoing some management issues and the staff dynamics became fairly dysfunctional, and that combined with the fact that I was forced to move further away and did not own a car meant that I had to leave the job.

Now I'm finishing up my BA, but I HATE what I'm studying and am having a hard time seeing a future with my degree. So I'm wondering if culinary school is for me?

I really enjoy baking, and though I'm not SUPER at it yet, I would really like to see what I can do.


- I'm a smaller-than-average girl (5"2) and had some difficulties working in a bakery that was designed with much taller people in mind; I'm somewhat concerned that this kind of set-up is a trend and don't want to set myself up for a career in which back injury will play an important part. Are these concerns valid?

- While I really enjoyed my baking experience, the complications mentioned above cut it very short, meaning I was only working as a baker for about 4 months - enough time to really get a feel for what I was doing?

- The bakery I was at was strictly about bread, and (again, dysfunctional staff problems) both head bakers who had been training and teaching me left part-way through my training and the remaining staff liked to cut corners instead of doing a good job, and did not want to work with a female baker, leaving me to have to self-teach a number of things. I'm concerned that my existing skills won't be diverse enough to help me through culinary school (don't know if this is a problem or not - I never took any cooking classes in high school and don't know what to expect)

- I'm afraid that the kind of job I would be getting as the end-product of my culinary school education would be around the same pay as one without such an education, which is not that great.

I've spent the past 3-5 years working in food production and retail, though not in a restaurant setting, so I understand the demands on the environment I could be potentially myself into: I'm efficient, and work well under pressure, so I'm not the type to freak out when someone tells me to get my ass in gear. I would really like to study baking and pastry arts, but as it's going to require a lot of $$ no matter where I go, I would love some advice on whether or not it's advisable to proceed before actually committing - much too expensive to just take up on a whim.

Any advice/comments/shared experience would be highly valued! :)

Thanks so much for your time if you've manged to wade through this whole post!
4th-Jan-2008 06:50 am - A Few Questions
Hello, I’m new to this community (and live journal)  and have a few questions about enrolling into Le Cordon Bleu or any other culinary schools.

Do you need any formal training before enrolling into a culinary school?
Can you enter into a culinary school straight out of high school or do you need any college credits first? 
5th-Dec-2007 02:28 pm(no subject)
Hello all. I will be attending Le Cordon Bleu Las Vegas in September and was wondering, how was starting your LCB school and what to expect. I'm really looking forward to it, any comments would be greatly appreciated.
9th-Jul-2007 03:07 am - Questions
I have a few questions for anyone here who's training in a college-level culinary program. I might be attending school this fall in a chef apprenticeship program at a local community college. I'm still undecided. This program takes 3 years to complete, and they require you to be an apprentice under a chef 40 hours a week while also attending school full-time. This seems to me to be practically impossible to do. I could understand doing one of those things if we were allowed to do the other one part-time, but not both full-time for 3 years.

Anyway, to make a point, I also have the option of going to one of the Cordon Bleu schools here in the U.S. (Portland, OR), so I'm confused...which culinary program is more valuable to future employers??? The chef apprenticeship program (Associates of Applied Science which takes 3 years to complete) or Le Cordon Bleu (Associates of Occupational Studies and a Cordon Bleu Diploma which takes a year and a half to finish but costs twice as much)? Did any person here going through either of these programs regret their decision? Did you start in another culinary program and then transfer? Is there another culinary school you were considering before you decided on Le Cordon Bleu?
6th-Apr-2007 09:11 pm - hei alle sammen!
very magical
howdy, folks.

seems that this community's been a little slow, but here's (yet) another intro post for y'all.

I've been working as a line cook for a little over a year in Madison, WI while finishing up a degree in horticulture (my focus is in fruit & veg). I'll be attending the California Culinary Academy for culinary arts beginning in August and just thought I'd throw out a "hello" to any other CCA students/alumni/hopefuls on the comm. i'm willing to eat pretty much anything, especially if it comes from a pig, and i have a fetish for "grandma food" from any ethnic background, though homestyle Chinese is very dear to my heart.

9th-Feb-2007 12:31 pm - Help!
Hi everyone! I'm looking into the baking & patisserie program at the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, and I was hoping that I could get some honest opinions about it here. I have no professional experience in the hospitality industry, but I love baking as a hobby and am considering a career change. How wise would it be for someone like me to enroll in culinary school? Is it better to have experience going into school, or can you really start there like the admissions people say? What do you wish someone would have told you before you made the decision to go?

I'm just trying to get as much information as I can, and I would really appreciate hearing about everyone's experiences, good, bad or indifferent. Thanks so much in advance!
29th-Jan-2007 10:44 pm - CHIC
I am planning to attend CHIC in Chicago this fall...Anyone got stories (good or bad) please let me know..thanks! :):)
19th-Nov-2006 09:06 am - hello all
Im new to the program at CHIC in chicago and also a refresher to the LJ community, if anyone is attending the school and wants to make a new friend, add me and or not not big deal just networking with my comrades.

10th-Sep-2006 05:54 pm - a bunch of questions
I'm a senior in high school and I'm interested in attending a Le Cordon Bleu school next year. However, I'm not sure if I should go to college first.. what are your thoughts on this? About how many students are recent high school graduates? How old were you when you went to an LCB school? Will I be at a disadvantage for being so young when I'm looking for a job?
Thanks for the help!
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